Can you Measure Data Confidence?

Free Web Seminar           Available On-Demand            Duration: 60 Minutes

Although data confidence is critical in order to make your front line workers trust and act upon big data and analytic insight, it is an abstract notion in most organizations. Garbage in, garbage out - that same adage is true for big data. Even the most game-changing analytics will have no impact if your team doesn't use them, because they don't trust in the data or the insights. During this webcast, you will learn about the aspects of confidence, how to measure those aspects, and how to calculate confidence scores for data.

 View this web seminar to:

  • Hear case studies on leading organizations who have utilized data confidence scores to improve adoption of new big data & analytics projects.
  • Analyze new industry research on the best practices from leading organizations for calculating and sharing data confidence in their big data projects.
  • Learn how to calculate data confidence and improve the adoption of big data & analytics

Nathaniel Rowe, Aberdeen
David Corrigan, IBM

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