Industry Practitioners Discuss the Merits of Graph-Based MDM

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Customer data is at the core of all business processes. The promise of MDM is to provide a framework for that customer data to be considered a reusable asset for achieving a “consistent view.” Despite a high degree of importance, CIOs ̶ and more recently CDOs ̶ have struggled to demonstrate the value and justification for continued effort behind MDM programs given historically costly, lengthy timelines and limited insights. The introduction of a graph-based MDM, however, is helping a growing number of companies across different industries to leapfrog the inherent challenges found in more traditional MDM approaches and deliver contextually relevant views back to the business inside all systems of engagement and interactions.

View this roundtable discussion with industry practitioners as they discuss the merits of graph-based MDM, describe how it is different and take your questions.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What is a graph database and what makes it different from other databases
  • How graph-based MDM is not only quicker to stand up, but can help deliver richer insights back to the business for better ROI
  • Real-life use-cases and war stories from industry practitioners who’ve implemented both traditional MDM solutions and graph-based MDM

Featured Presenters:

Charles Kane    
Director - Global Solutions
Pitney Bowes
Andrew Chumney
Datasource Consulting
Peter Perera
Business Technology Consultant
The Perera Group

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