On-Demand Web Seminar  Blueprint: Succeed with BI-on-The-Data-Lake

Hosted by Information Management

Learn the best practices used by companies like Toyota, TD, and GSK as they rolled out Central Business Analytics Units to deliver full self-service analytics to all, while governing access to enterprise data. In this on-demand session, you’ll learn how:

  • Toyota’s Center of Analytics Excellence uses Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI on Cloudera for Finance and IoT use cases.
  • GSK delivered secured self-service access on 100% of its data, stored across hundreds of Cloudera nodes.
  • Vivint delivered secured insights at unparalleled speed and scale, making smart homes smarter and saving money for customers (and for themselves).

Plus, we share best practices to achieve BI on the data lake nirvana: manage your big data while giving analysts self-serve access to the lake - on premise and/or in the Cloud, using your existing BI tools.

Chris Crotts
Chief Data Officer
Toyota Motors North America
Mark Ramsey
Chief Data Officer
Bruno Aziza
Chief Marketing Officer
Alex Gutow
Sr. Manager, Product Marketing
Jim Ericson
Consultant, Editor Emeritus
Information Management

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