On-Demand Web Seminar  How to be a great data strategist

Hosted by Information Management

We all must manage data to ensure quality and compliance. But a genuine enterprise data strategy does more than just play defense. It helps drive more innovative use of data across the organization to create new value streams, transform digital engagement with the customer, and keep pace with the breakneck pace of change in the Disruption Economy.

So how can you successfully lead a truly transformative data strategy? What practical next steps should you take so that your organization can get more value from more data in more different ways? What best practices and solution strategies can help you accomplish these objectives?

Watch this expert-led on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How top performers connect data quality, governance, and strategy
  • The new rules for optimizing the business value of “data in motion”
  • Why evolution in data culture is essential for evolution in data strategy
David Marco
Armik Zakian
VP, CDO Business Intelligence and Big Data
Lenny Liebmann
Contributing Editor

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