Realigning data strategies for the changing CDO role


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Once primarily in charge of data monetization, Chief Data Officers (CDOs) are now charged with transforming data into the engine that drives the company. This calls for new strategies and improved data management solutions.

The CDO role initially materialized following the realization that data is an asset. And someone in the organization needed to be held accountable for this new asset’s management. Originally, the role was focused on finding all the ways in which the company data could be monetized, such as increasing product or service sales and building brand loyalty. As a modern Chief Data Officer, your mission now is to use data to drive the company’s overall profitability.

With that vast jump in responsibility, you’ll need new and improved data management solutions to wield and manage data with expert precision.

Io-Tahoe’s e-book explores the best approaches for the CDO to succeed in today’s ever changing data marketplace.